father and son smiling
  • EMPATHY: QRL’s President and Vice President have experienced what it is like to “stand in the shoes” of a caregiver and family member. We want the best care and the best interests of our loved ones to be considered the number one priority of services rendered.
  • INTEGRITY: At QRL, integrity is considered the foundation of trust and respect.
  • COMMITMENT: QRL is committed to providing the best possible service, along with the understanding and passion for contributing to the quality of life for the individuals we serve.
  • OPEN DOOR POLICY: Should you have a concern, be assured your concerns will be addressed promptly. A concern is not considered resolved until the individual and/or the individual’s family is satisfied with the desired resolution.
  • TRAINING: Direct Care Staff trained above and beyond regulatory requirements.
  • INVOLVEMENT: QRL strongly believes in involvement for an individual and an individual’s family. QRL will sponsor several events such as Thanksgiving dinner delivered to individuals who do not have family or friends to prepare and share a meal with them. For our individuals who observe Christmas, QRL will sponsor a Christmas gala.
  • OPPORTUNITY: QRL has an ongoing quest to locate opportunities for community integration and broadening the horizons of the individuals we serve. QRL has firsthand knowledge of the positive results of such opportunities.